Editing Or Creating New Templates

Navigate to Settings -> Global Healthcheck Template

Here you can use our default templates or create new one from scratch

You have many controls that help you manage templates efficiently

  • Copy templates to one, some or all clients at once
  • Export/import template to/from CSV
  • Duplicate templates

In the grid view you have many handy controls like filtering, sorting, bulk editing so you can efficiently manage the template content

Once your template is customized according to your standard, you can copy it to all or some of your clients by selecting the Copy Template to Clients control and selecting your clients

Editing & Updating Templates And QBR Controls

NOTE: QBR controls applied to clients are not dynamically linked to the Templates they were copied from. This is to avoid accidental overwrite of controls across many clients.

In order to add a new control to both the template and all clients (to keep controls “in sync”) you can do it easily by creating a new control either under QBR Audit section or the actual template.

Navigate to QBR Audit and Click + Add to add a new control. Select items from under Add to Healtcheck Templates as well as from under Add to Clients to add that new record to both the selected template(s) as well as all or some client’s current QBR control sets.

Populate the fields you need and click Save and Close.

Editing Existing Controls

If you want to edit an existing control that was already copied to your clients from a template, it’s a two steps process.

First go to QBR Audit and switch to tenant level so all controls for all clients load in one view. Switch to List View. Once all controls have loaded, filter out the control you are looking for using the filter box and select all controls you want to edit, click Edit to edit all or some control fields.

NOTE: similar fields with unique values will show as Multiple Values. Editing that will overwrite all values with the new value entered.

Click Save and Close when done editing.

Then go to the original Template the controls were copied from, find the control and edit it there also so any new clients will get the most up to date version in the future

Deleting Templates From Clients

Select the client in the client menu, go to QBR Audit section, switch to List View, under Template Name column, filter out by the name of the template you want to delete, select All and Delete.

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