Streamline Technology Business Reviews by Combining vCIO Activities, Compliance, Policies, Technology Alignment Frameworks and Network Documentation in One End-to-End Platform



Document your clients' network in our integrated documentation platform


Perform Technology Audit Based on Built-In Templates



Deliver the report & give clients access to their own QBR dashboard

Features Highlights

Get all the tools you need in one easy to use solution

vCIO Dashboard

Single pane of glass provides quick insights into the most important areas of clients network and security operations

Present data from multiple source in an easy to navigate dashboard

Give your clients limited access to the information they care about the most


Stay Compliant in US and EU

Store data in US or EU To Stay Compliant With Local Regulations

Data Encryption At Rest and In Transit Protects Your Critical Data

Front-end and back-end MFA Secures Access



Technology & Security Review Frameworks

Leverage easy to use QBR frameworks.

Out-of-the box QBR templates including industry specific standards like NIST CSF, ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA an more

Implement mature way of managing your network infrastructure auditing and reporting

Perform regular audits to discover technology gaps, security risks which can be turned into sales opportunities

Get new best practices delivered to you on  regular basis so you don't have to do your own research


Reports & Shared Dashboards

Prepare reports, budgets/roadmaps, action items and presentations in a fraction of the time comparing to the old way of doing it

Meet with clients and discuss steps to improve their IT operations

Share with clients historical trends highlighting the value you provide

Generate easy to read report educating your client about gaps in their environment

Customize and white label all reports including logos, content and sections

Give client limited access to the dashboard


Network Documentation & Asset Tracking

At no additional cost leverage robust IT documentation platform

Share critical client information inside your team

Quickly document your clients network.

Leverage the information to help your vCIOs to simplify and enhance the QBR process.

Get visibility and notifications for assets approaching end of life or are expiring

Optimize MSP processes and keep customers raving

Meet client's SLA's and expectations by having access to relevant information quickly

Import assets from other system using CSV file template

Screenshot 2021-10-31 130448
Screenshot 2021-10-31 130436

Warranty & End of Life Insights

Free Warranty Expiration Lookup for HP, Dell, Lenovo, & Microsoft (more vendors added regularly)

Get visibility into extra revenue for all your clients.

End of Life Systems Insights


QBR Calendar

Get visibility into QBR meetings schedule across all clients so your vCIOs are not overbooked

Get visibility into clients contract expiration and budget cycle dates so you meet with them at the right time


Budget & Roadmap

Quickly prepare easy to understand budgets and roadmaps

Multiple views give you flexibility presenting your IT plan

Give clients live access to their IT plan

Get visibility into potential projects and revenue for all your clients

Screenshot 2021-10-31 131015
Screenshot 2021-10-31 131015
Screenshot 2021-10-31 131015

CMMC / NIST 800-171 Audit

Peform NIST 800-171 audit in preperation for CMMC certification

Generate SPRS score

Create SSP, POA&M & Policies


Generate Security & Compliance Polices Documents

Narmada comes with 14 security policies templates that will simplify your policy generation process.

Bring your own templates and use them across your entire client base.


Mobile Friendly

Peform audits using small form factor devices like iPads, tablets and even smartphones

Access your client Documentation on the go.



Increase operational efficiency with tight integrations across all your stack


Audit Templates & Frameworks

Narmada comes out of the box with many compliance, frameworks, regulations and best practices templates. We also assist in creating custom templates based on your requests

Pricing & Plans

Find the plan that works best for you

All plans include all features, reports, integrations, out of the box templates & custom templates creation assistance. 1:1 Onboarding & training is billed at $200/hr. Any onboarding support via email in addition to 1:1 sessions is not charged for. Only the 1:1 time is charged.


2 Clients



5 Clients


a month

10 Clients


a month

25 Clients


a month

50 Clients


a month

100 Clients


a month

150 Clients


a month

250 Clients


a month

350 Clients


a month

500 Clients


a month

1000 Clients


a month

About Narmada

Built by an MSP with MSPs in mind
Founder Story
We found it difficult

to take technical data and turn it into manageable structured reports easily understood by customers. Our main concern was that MSPs had to struggle to prepare QBR reports across the environments.

And we built Narmada

to help MSPs scale and optimize their operations.

The team behind Narmada are dedicated MSP & software development experts

who do their best to provide you with

  • a solid framework for your msp business
  • SaaS-based app for an immediate value
  • productivity & efficiency in the heart of your MSP
  • reliability in forecasting & planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Find help about the Narmada product

Please schedule a demo with our consultants to see the product in action and discuss potential use cases for your business.

We have an integrated Documentation platform which enables your team to share client information efficiently. In the context of vCIO/QBR process it is a source of valuable information that feeds into QBR reports i.e EOL systems, high security risk systems, renewals, etc. We also have integrations with other platforms which streamlines the QBR process by importing information into our platform.

Yes, our technical consultants will connect with your team to schedule touchpoints and assist your team with deployment.

Yes, if you provide the data in a CSV format we will do our best to map the fields and import both your network documentation as well as QBR data.

Narmada is priced by active Companies (Clients) you create in Narmada. Clients are calculated the last week of the month, and the updated count will be reflected in the subsequent monthly bill.

Our platform can be used for Free or Paid client assessments, new Client onboarding and of course for current clients vCIO process. You can also use it for time compliance reviews (NIST, PCI, etc)

Absolutely! We will do our best to add new features quickly so all users can benefit and make this application better and better over time.

Narmada takes the privacy and security of your data seriously. Visit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages for more information.

Narmada is securely hosted as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in Azure.

Our product is cloud hosted and runs in a secure Azure cloud enviroment. Contact us to discuss other deployment options.