How to use QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) to boost your MSP business

24 September 2018 admin Comments Off on How to use QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) to boost your MSP business QBR, vCIO

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) can be a big asset for any MSP. By providing your clients a clear snapshot of your value but also a great place to talk about future goals and how you both can grow their business into the future. Let’s talk more specifically about what is included in a QBR and how that looks for different clients.

Growth and value:

These reviews can be a valuable time to go over the plan you and your client set forth when they got started with you. Take this time to review what you have done for them and how you can help them grow into the future.

  • QBR presentations should always be done with the person in charge of making the important decision. This is critical because they are the one who you can share growth strategies with.
  • Show the client the problems you resolved and the program’s you are implementing to track your work as well as ongoing projects. This can be key for them to see the value you provide to them as their MSP. Timelines are key for your clients to see progress and for you both to stay accountable.
  • Keeping your client’s data safe and protected is also a vital part of your services. Be sure to share with your clients how you are safeguarding their data as well as backing it up to the cloud or locally. QBR software is a great way to demonstrate this. a great source for this is Narmada
  • This is also a great time to talk about their goals and future goals. Does the current plan match the client’s goals? Discuss new technologies that might be beneficial. Clients may not always see the benefit of a new technology and only see the price tag so be sure to talk about benefits and growth side by side.
  • Discuss a good budget for both your client and you to provide the best service you can.

How often should you be doing a QBR?

As an MSP, you may have clients of every size. The most important thing is to be consistent. If dealing with a larger client, once a quarter or more often might be necessary. Whereas with smaller clients once or twice a year is all that’s needed. Keeping to a regular schedule with them is the vital part.

Technology timeline:

As an MSP we know how fast the evolution of technology can be. It’s important to keep your clients updated to stay ahead of the curve and keep costs at a reasonable level for your clients.

  • By understanding your clients’ needs and their industry, you can be sure to keep on the cutting edge of any LOB apps and other services they might require.
  • Creating a schedule for replacement/renewal of hardware and software is important to make all the changes not only smooth but also budget friendly. By staggering upgrades and purchases, you can lessen the financial burden on your client at any given moment.
  • Be sure to review their current systems for storage and back up to be sure it is sufficient. Making changes at this time it good. Having a plan set out before things go downhill will make the process smooth for both your client and you.
  • Devices such as routers and servers will most likely need to be replaced at some point so planning for that up front brings trust to the relationship but also allows for proper budgeting and ease of transition.
  • The software also needs to be updated and that can also come with extra costs. Speaking with your clients about updates is crucial to stay transparent and keep the cost at any given moment down. Keeping firewalls and edge services up to a high standard can often require some cost. These upgrades are important for maintaining security but also staying on the cutting edge.
  • You are the expert and your clients look to you for guidance. Take your knowledge and expertise to create a plan for implementing the updates and new technologies you think will move their business forward best.
  • Break down the cost of these new services in a simple easy to understand way. This is also a great time to present them with the ongoing costs of any LOB apps or other technology needed for their business.

“Automate” The Process

There is no “agent” you can install in client’s networks to pull all of this information in. You can use vCIO/QBR solution like Narmada which can walk you thru the process from begging to the end. It will allow you to give the client a nice report highlighting risks, action items, and overall health.


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