Sign in to your Syncro account

You can generate the API key under Settings -> Administration -> API -> API Token.

Click +New Token and switch to Custom Permissions Tab. Add a name (i.e Narmada API). Leave Expiration field blank

Select at least the following permissions to allow Narmada to read assets, tickets and alerts data as well as create tickets. Or you can select all.

Click Create API Token button and the copy the API key from this window

Login to Narmada, go to Integrations -> SyncroMSP and create new integration and follow these settings.

Back on the main integrations page you can Test API connection and Map Clients between Narmada and SyncroMSP

Map your clients between Syncro and Narmada

To sync assets from Syncro follow these steps.

Assets sync can be initiated manually on this page at any time. There is also a daily background sync to keep all assets up to date.

Navigate to Documentation and Assets -> Syncro to view all synchornized assets.

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