The Settings pages lets you control all platform configurations:

Asset Fields – there are about 129 fields available to customize your Documentation platform. If you are looking for additional ones, please contact us.

Asset Types – create new top level menus under Documentation & Asset section

Asset Import – import data from other systems using a template CSV file

Categories – customize your own categories here, which you can then use in QBR controls or IT Assets.

Clients – rename/add/remove clients

Health check Templates – manage your template for QBR reviews or compliance frameworks

Tenants – rename your tenant, add your logo which appears on reports, define time format and currency

User Roles – create security user roles that limit what user can do or see read more

Users – add/remove users, give access to entire account or just certain clients, reset password or MFA access

Contacts – add use contacts so they can be selected when sending email report to

EOL Rules – add/remove End of Life rules

Trends & Topics – add/remove/edit Trends and topics tags so they can be used during QBR or Asset audit

Subscription – upgrade your plan to a paid subscription

Audit Report – create/edit QBR Reports

Budget and Roadmap Settings – control view of IT Budget page

Variables – view system variable and edit custom ones

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