QBR Calendar overview

Here you can keep track of events so you can have high level visibility and don’t over book your team.

You can keep track of your upcoming QBR meetings with clients, internal TAM reviews, technical health checks, clients budget deadlines and contract expirations.


List View – see all past and future meetings in a list view where you can also attach PDF copy of the QBR report and save meeting notes

Calendar View – see all past and future meetings as a calendar

Frequency / Complete Meeting – set meeting frequency so when the current meeting is set as completed, placeholder meeting is automatically created and your future QBR meetings placed on the calendar for visibility and better planning.

Add Contract Renewal Date – allows you to create a placeholder for contract renewal date so you can have visibility when the current contract expires and schedule QBR meeting before so you can show your value.

Add Client Budget Date – add the date when client’s budget is approved so you can schedule your QBR meeting accordingly.

QBR Archives

You can also upload your final QBR PDF report that was delivered to the client after the meeting so you have quick access to what exactly the client received.

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