QBR Audit

The QBR Audit functionality is a key component, enabling you to conduct thorough reviews, and generate follow up activities like tickets, linked opportunities or recommendations, linked compliance policies and more directly from the audit screen.

It allows you to turn tech gaps and security risks into sales opportunities with our audit system designed for Managed Service Providers like you.

Our Healthcheck and Standards templates library comes with MSP and other industry based frameworks including NIST, HIPAA, PCI, ensuring consistency across your clients.

You can easily import/export and merge templates or import content from external sources.

To start click QBR Audit on the left menu which will open a progress status page with many options and navigation controls.

QBR Audit powered by Liongard

If you have Liongard integration, you can leverage inspector metrics to pull data from LG and populate the STATUS field. This speeds up the audit process.

First you need to create a template with LG metrics that are relevant in your QBR audit. You do not want to bring all possible metrics into Narmada.

Once your template is ready, copy it to the client you want to audit.

Run Liongard refresh (see above screenshot for reference)

Check data returned in the STATUS fields (see above screenshot for reference)

QBR Snapshot

QBR snapshot tool lets you save audits for future review and comparison.  To create a snapshot, under MORE menu click QBR Snapshot and then you will be taken to the QBR Snapshots section to view it.

Bulk Edit

You can also review, update, add or remove (including in bulk) current controls using the grid view with filters and sorting controls.

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