6. Perform QBR Audit

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QBR Audit allows you to complete technology audit based on the Healthcheck template you assign to a client.

To start click QBR Audit on the left menu which will open a progress status page with many options and navigation controls.

Fill out the form with

  • Current status, recommendation and client decision
  • Score the control by selecting appropriate health or security risk score
  • Update Last Check Date
  • Select flags under Misc section (this will group the controls on the vCIO Dashboard as well as the QBR report)
  • Optionally: add a project (this will show up on the Budget & Roadmap page, ticket or link to asset or another healthcheck

Then move forward to the next control by pressing the > icon

You can also review, update, add or remove current controls using the grid view filters and sorting controls which can help with bulk editing.

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