The Dashboard is the center of our application. It gives your team and your clients holistic in-depth visibility into their network and security status.

The dashboard is the best way to interactively present high level summary of findings and recommendations. It’s optimized for virtual QBRs over ZOOM but can also be presented on a conference room TV during a face to face client meeting. Alternatively, you can deliver the content in a form of a PDF report and will cover this option later on in this demo.

Trends and Topics groups your most important topics to discuss with the team before the client meeting, and then with clients during the meeting. It includes overview of your all tagged controls, assets, opportunities. 

Moving on to Tasks, this section gives you visibility into completed, pending and upcoming tasks so you can focus on the most important tasks for the day or whenever you want to refresh your clients audit. No need to go start the audit from the beginning, just audit what’s required to save your time. You can drill into individual items to see the details.

Health and Security Score widgets display the global score based on all audited controls, health checks and standards and represent a summary to give you and your clients clear visibility where they stand.

Trending chart show monthly score changes so you can track and discuss with client positive and negative trends.

Unlike Trends and Topics, Categories section automatically groups all controls, questions or standards into individual sections with their individual health and security score based on their category assigned in the standards and health checks template.

Office 365 score displays clients Office 365 score directly on the dashboard to get a high level insight into Office 365 health status.

Our lifecycle widgets section offers insights into the status of your assets, their purchase date, warranty expiration and operating system end of life . You can customize data source and filters to tailor the experience to your needs.

Budget and Roadmap widget gives you a quick preview of client roadmap and budget items. You can then jump into the detailed view by going to the Budget and Roadmap section.

You can invite your clients to a custom-tailored dashboard experience so they can enjoy 24/7 self-service portal and have access to information they care about including easy-to-understand technology roadmap and budget.

You can customize  the view to show or hide specific sections by applying a different Report and Dashboard template. We will cover how to do it later on in this demo.

The dashboard and the whole application is mobile friendly, so you can pull it up on your tablet and use it that way, for example during onsite walkthru. 

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