Office 365 Secure Score Integration

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In order to display Office 365 Secure Score on the vCIO Dashboard and QBR report, Azure App Registration must to be created. This step takes only 5 minutes to complete.

Note: this process must be completed for each client you would like to pull Secure Score for.

Sign in to Azure and navigate to Azure Active Directory -> App Registration

Azure App registration pane.

Create a new registration with the following settings

Register an application pane.

Under Certificates and Secrets, generate new client secret and under Expiration select “Never”

Certificates And Secrets pane.
Add client secret.

Save the client secret now as It’s displayed only once and is needed at the end of this process.

Save client secret.

Under App Permissions click + Add a permission and select Microsoft Graph

Add Permissions pane.

select Application Permissions section

Application permissions.

and search in the box for the following 4 permissions and add them

Add the proper permissions.

After all 4 permissions are listed wait for the status to turn green

Permissions status.

In Narmada, switch to the client in the client list and create new Office 365 integration under Integrations -> Office 365 Secure Score

 Create new Office 365 Secure Score integration.

Copy Client and Tenant ID from the App Registration Overview page as well as the secret saved before

And then also paste the client secret from the previous step

Add the client secret pane.

Save the configuration and you should see the score under O365 integration

Score overview.

as well as on the vCIO Dashboard

Score overview in the vCIO dashboard.
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