N-Able RMM Integration

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N-Able RMM Integration

The integration allows you to import and keep up to date all your RMM devices. Device sync & warranty check runs daily but you can always sync devices manually if you have just onboarded a new client into the platform.

To get started create an API user

Navigate to Settings -> Users -> User Accounts tocreate a new user.

Login as that user and then under Settings -> General Settings -> API you can generate the API token you will need in Narmada settings.

Create a new API connection in Narmada under Integrations -> N-Able RMM

URL: Your specific URL you connect to your RMM i.e https://www.ut.remote.management

API Token: Generated in RMM

Once created, click Test Connection and if sucessful click on Map Clients and you will have the ability to choose which Narmada client is mapped to which RMM client. Save the mapping settings and click Run Initial Data Import to bring all devices into Narmada. They will be visible under Documentation & Assets section under N-Able RMM

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