This integration enables synchronization of devices monitored using the RMM so you can add them to your technology review plan.

To get started create a dedicated API user in N-Central. Go to Administration -> User Management -> Users -> Create a User

NOTE: Make sure the user is setup at the correct level

Fill out the details and assign the Admin role and click SAVE to finish

Disable MFA for this API user under the User Details tab.

And mark the user as API Only user to disable web access.

In Narmada navigate to Integrations -> N-Central to add a new connection, fill out the details with N-Central credentials. For URL use your specific N-Central instance URL.

Click SAVE and then select Map Clients where you can map your N-Central clients with Narmada accounts. Click Save again and press Run Initial Sync. The sync also runs on in the background every 24 hours to keep data up to date, but you can always force manual sync.

Once the initial sync runs it will add N-Central section under Documentation and Assets where you can see all the devices.

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