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Liongard integration is a very powerful integration as it not only allows you to sync assets with its metrics values but also create healtcheck templates based on the inspector metric rules so you can pull specific built-in as well as custom metric values into Narmada to easily perform automated compliance check across all your clients. Your team won’t have to login to variety of on-prem and cloud systems to collect this info anymore.

To get started


Sign into your Liongard account and navigate to Admin -> Users . Create a new API user by clicking Add User. Fill out the details and assign the Global Readers group permission.


Sign into the API user account, navigate to the right top corner, click on the account name and open Account Settings. On the left panel select Access Tokens and click Generate New Token.



Save your Access Key ID and Access Secret to your password manager as you will not be able to access it again unless you generate a new token.

Configure Integration in Narmada

Sign into Narmada and navigate to Integrations -> Liongard and create a new connection, fill out the information and click SAVE



Back on the integrations list page open Map Clients to map clients between Liongard and Narmada and then click on Start Initial Data Import. Sync will then run in the background on every 24hrs




To view synced assets navigate to Documentation & Assets and select Liongard Configurations




First create or use existing template and then add add additional rules based on Liongard Inspector, Section and Metric including Custom Metric.



Once done, you can apply the template to a client by selecting the template and copying to selected client(s)




Switch to the client in the client menu and then select QRB Audit



Navigate to the template and you will see Metric data being inserted into the Current Status field




If you want to refresh the Liongard data set click on UPDATE LIONGARD AUDIT on horizontal navigation bar





NOTE: Make sure the metric Display setting toggle is set to ON otherwise you may see NO METRIC DATA FOUND



This can also be done in bulk




Once done, press the refresh button for individual check, to update the data.





If you still see NO METRIC DATA FOUND, it’s possible there is no data in Liongard for that particular metric. If you see data in Liongard please send us an email with details



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