Liongard Integration

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Create Liongard API user

Sign into your Liongard account and navigate to Admin -> Users . Create a new API user by clicking Add User. Fill out the details and assign the Global Readers group permission.

Sign into the API user account, navigate to the right top corner, click on the account name and open Account Settings. On the left panel select Access Tokens and click Generate New Token.

Save your Access Key ID and Access Secret to your password manager as you will not be able to access it again unless you generate a new token.

Configure Integration in Narmada

Sign into Narmada and navigate to Integrations -> Liongard and create a new connection, fill out the information and click SAVE

Back on the integrations list page open Map Clients to map clients between Liongard and Narmada and then click on Start Initial Data Import. Sync will then run in the background on every 24hrs

To view synced assets navigate to Documentation & Assets and select Liongard Configurations

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