Kaseya VSA Integration

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This integration allows you to import and keep up to date devices you manage in VSA. You can then use the device information to get insights into renewals dates (if you track it VSA), End of Life and add them to the Budget and Roadmap

To start you need to create a dedicated user account in VSA that will be used for API calls between Narmada and VSA.

NOTE: Your account name and role it has assigned will be different than shown below. Use account with a role that has sufficient permissions

In Narmada, navigate to Integrations -> Kaseya VSA and create a new connection

Test your connection

Map clients between VSA and Narmada

To start synchronizing data, switch to Documentation & Assets click on any asset type menu and click on Kaseya Sync to initiate the first sync. The sync job runs on a daily schedule as well.

After the first sync, Kasey Configurations asset menu will show up where can see your VSA devices. You can move them to another asset type if you wish. There you can look up the details and add additional information for each asset. Note: this information does not sync back to VSA.

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