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This article provides instructions on how to integrate Halo PSA to Narmada


Currently HaloPSA integration supports only creating and viewing tickets. Future releases will include Opportunities, Assets and more.


Create user and role permissions

Log into your HaloPSA account with sufficient permission to configure API integrations

Click the Configuration button (gear icons)

Click Teams & Agents on the left navigation bar.

Under Agents, click New to create a dedicated Narmada user account for use with the integration.

Complete the relevant information and click Save.

Under the Core Features section, click the Teams & Agents button and then click Roles on the left navigation bar.

Under Roles, click New to create a new role for use with the Narmada integration that has the following permissions:

  • In the top right corner, click on New.
  • In the New Role screen, enter a Role Name, e.g. Narmada_Role
  • Assign any agents to the role you created and then click Save.

Switch to the “Permissions” tab and click Edit to enable the required permissions

  1. Under Feature Access, set Customers Access Level to Read Only

  2. Under Feature Access, set Assets Access Level to Read and Modify

  3. Click SAVE

Adding API credentials

  1. Under the Home screen, click the Configuration button (gear icons)

  2. Under the Integrations section in the Advanced navigation menu, click the Integrations button and then HaloPSA API

  3. Under API Details note your tenant name, resource and authorization server info which you will need to enter in Narmada
  4. On the same page, click on View Application section and click New
  5. Name it Narmada and select Client ID and Secret (Services) as the Authentication Method
  6. Under your newly created application, take note of the Client ID and the Client Secret. Important: The Client Secret for this application will only be shown once. If you forget it you’ll need to generate a new one. The Client Secret must be copied be before saving the application. When adding the Halo PSA integration to Lifecycle Manager, you will need to add the Client ID and Client Secret to the Halo PSA add integration page.
  7. Under Login Type select Agent and under Agent and Agent to log in as select the dedicated Narmada user created earlier
  8. Switch to the “Permissions” tab and enable the required permissions:

    1. Select read:assets

    2. Select read:customers

    3. Click Save at the bottom of the page Important for the application to be active


Narmada Configuration

In Narmada navigate to Settings -> Integrations and create a new connection, fill out the form with all information gathered earlier and SAVE it




In the connection settings click Test Connection and if successful click Map Clients and on the right side double click to select matching HaloPSA clients. Then click Test Connection which should be successful.


Narmada Features


You should now be able to see HaloPSA tickets under Tickets -> HaloPSA (toggle Show All button)




As well able to create new tickets from the QBR Audit page


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