Datto RMM Integration

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Login to your Datto RMM, create a new user which will act as your “API user” and generate API keys for that user.

Got to Setup -> Account Settings -> Users

Narmada user settings panel.

Save the user and open it again after it’s created

Select Generate API Keys and save them in your password manager for future use (the security key is displayed only once) and note your API URL

Generate your API keys.

Go to Narmada Integrations -> Datto RMM and create a new connection

Create connection between Narmada and Datto RMM

Use the API URL, API key and security key created in the previous step and click SAVE

Test the connection

Test your connection between Narmada and Datto RMM

Open client Mapping

Open the credentials panel.

Map Narmada clients (on the left side) with Datto clients (on the right side). Double click the field on the right to access the drop down meny with Datto clients list and select the matching client.

Map Narmada clients with Datto RMM clients.

Click Save Mapping

Select one of the mapped clients in the client menu

Select a mapped client.

Navigate to Documentation & Assets and select ALL from the asset type menu and click Datto Sync to import Datto devices into Narmada.

Import Datto devices into Narmada.

After you get a successful sync message a new Datto Configurations menu will be created in the asset menu containing Datto RMM devices.

Datto configurations menu item.

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