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This integration allows you to create tickets in Datto PSA from QBR audit controls. The reviewer can quickly generate action items so it does not get forgotten. You can also look up all tickets for the client while preparing for a QBR meeting without opening your PSA.

To start create a dedicated API User (Resource) in Datto PSA for the Narmada API connection.

User resource

New API user

Save the username (public key) and password (secret/private key) and tracking ID in your password manager before you save and close this page.

In Narmada navigate to Integrations -> Datto PSA and create new integration. Populate the fields with the user name, password and tracking ID from previous step.

Test integration by pressing the blue button.

test Narmada - Datto integration

If you get SUCCESS you can start creating tickets from QBR health checks.

Switch to QBR Audit section -> open a control/health check and scroll down to the Ticket section and then click on New Datto PSA ticket button.

QBR audit screen

You can also see all tickets created from Narmada in one place under Tickets -> Datto. You can also see all other tickets created for that client in Datto PSA directly by checking the Show All checkbox

Tickets display screen
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