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ConnectWise Manage integration allows you to connect to vendor or self- hosted Manage server. For self-hosted CW Manage you need to have API accessible by our platform.

The integration allows you to

  • import Configurations
  • read Projects
  • Read and Create Opportunities and Agreements
  • read and create Tickets


To configure the integration, follow these steps:


In Manage navigate to Security Role, create a new role and assign sufficient permissions for the areas you want Narmada to have access to.



Under Inquire Level, set all items under each category initially to ALL. This will ensure everything is working OK during the testing phase.  After that, you can turn certain sections off, if you are certain you don’t need don”t want certain permissions open to Narmada API calls. This may break certain functionality.



NOTE: If you use a third party service in  Manage (i.e like StreamlineIT) they may use different permissions to regular account and so you have to make changes to your API user so that it has corporate level access and not company level access.


Then go to Members section, create a new API Member (does not require a license) and assign the role created earlier.



Open the API Member and switch to the API Keys tab to create a new API keys


Edit credentials pane.

In Narmada, navigate to Integrations -> ConnectWise Manage and create a new connection



Reference your CW Manage client for URL and Company Name



Edit ConnectWise credentials.


Click SAVE


You can test the connection here



When the connection is successful, you can map Narmada clients with Manage clients.



Double-click the field on the right to pull up list of Manage clients


Manage clients list pane.




Click SAVE


Click Start Initial Data Import to sync all devices. The sync also runs automatically once a day to keep devices updated.



Switch to one of your clients and then go to Documentation and Assets section to see all assets



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