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ConnectWise Manage Integration allows you to connect to vendor or self- hosted CW Manage server. For self-hosted CW Manage you need to have API exposed to our platform.

The integration allows you to import Configurations and keep them up to date on a daily schedule in Narmada as data changes in Manage. You can also sync projects information with Narmada Projects Dashboard

To configure the integration, follow these steps:

In CW Manage navigate to My Account and then API keys tab to create set of public and private API keys

API keys tab.

NOTE: If you use a third party service in CW Manage (i.e like StreamlineIT) they may use different permissions to regular account and so you have to make changes to your API user so that it has corporate level access and not company level access.

Use the keys in Narmada CW Manage integration to complete the setup

Edit credentials pane.

If you need to lock down API access, you can change members role permissions here

Here are minimal permissions needed to:

  • List companies
  • Read and create tickets
  • Read projects information

The following granular permissions need to be set


In Narmada, navigate to Integrations -> CW and create a new connection

Create new connection.

Reference your CW Manage client for URL and Company Name

Edit ConnectWise credentials.

Click SAVE to save the new connection

You can test the connection here

Test connection pane.

Once the connection is successful you can map Narmada clients with CW Manage clients

Map Narmada clients with ConnectWise Manage clients.

Double-click the fields on the right to pull up list of Manage clients

Manage clients list pane.

Switch to one of your clients and Documentation and Assets section, click Sync to create CW Manage Configurations and it will import CW Manage Configurations. This data is also synchronized on a daily schedule.

Importing CW Manage configuration.

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