Budget and Roadmap

One of the critical QBR deliverables is the Budgetary IT Plan. This plan can delivered as a standalone report or part of the holistic QBR report.

This module  allows to streamline and quicky generate IT budgets and roadmaps for improved client satisfaction by leveraging opportunities, contracts and assets from your PSA and RMM. These features help you plan your financials and strategic direction for a comprehensive overview.

You can also engage your clients and communicate using scheduled reports.

NOTE: Synced opportunity will automatically shows up but for Narmada created opportunity or asset, you need to add date OR QTR/Year with value for it show up on the budget


There are 3 views available:

  • List (compact) view
  • Card view by status
  • Card view by year

These 3 views are also available in the QBR report.

Table of Contents