How QBRs can drive customer satisfaction and retention

17 November 2021 Ahmed Comments Off on How QBRs can drive customer satisfaction and retention Uncategorized

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR), also known as an executive business review, is a quarterly meeting between the client and MSPs. The purpose of this meeting is to touch base with your customers, highlight the value you provide, and create strategies for the future.

QBRs are often overlooked as dreadfully stale meetings, but there’s more to it. Your goal here is to project value to your clients, highlight the services that would rather go unnoticed, and solidify the case for a long-lasting relationship. QBRs grant you the platform to boast about the quality of your work.  

In this article, we will discuss how you can make the most out of a quarterly business review and use this opportunity to your advantage. If approached correctly, QBRs are a great way to drive customer satisfaction and retention.

The right approach

Consider the following aspects while performing a QBR

  1. How was your performance?
  2. What setbacks did you encounter, and how did you fix them?
  3. What happened in the previous quarter?
  4. How do you intend to tackle these challenges in the future?

Apart from the aforementioned points, an MSP should not only reflect on the previous quarter but also consider establishing appropriate goals for the next quarter. Areas, where changes in a business are likely to occur, should be accommodated. Show your intention to proactively handle these areas to achieve future goals.

There is no “one size fits all”, a QBR can be done in multiple ways. Face-to-face presentations, a PowerPoint deck, documents, or a combination of all these tools. Each QBR is going to be unique, so make sure your review is tailor-made. 

Focus points

Your goal here is to provide a wholesome view of your operations, ensure transparency and highlight the value your MSP brings to your client’s business.

Ticket Metrics

Include a detailed review of the service tickets issued from the previous quarter to the current one. Highlight how your team was able to manage the volume of these tickets. 

This comparison will allow you to open up a discussion that showcases your technician’s ability to handle support requests. If there is a large margin between the numbers, then you might want to indicate to your client about establishing a better framework, on what sort of issues should go through the service desk.

Technical Review

The technical review is the most important aspect of the QBR. This part will showcase your entire business handling process. So make sure your client gets to know about the true value that your MSP is bringing to the table. Put some thought into making improvements for the future as well.

Service Level Agreements

The SLA review compares the service level agreements that were done previously and the updated services. Talk to your client about disputes and issues that have been raised. Suggest any changes that are needed.

User Training

If you sense that your customer’s employees are lacking in a particular area. Mention it to your client and provide your recommendations. If the employees are able to benefit from additional training, then it will make the job easier for both parties. 

This will also demonstrate that you are dedicated to providing solutions to your clients. A simple recommendation can reduce the time of your organization and the support tickets.

Future Strategy

A huge benefit of the MSP QBR is to develop future strategies for the company. Assess the current situation and develop strategies for the future. This is the opportunity where you can present your ideas and discuss the growth of your client’s company. What better way to build your trust with your client. Show that you care and maximize this opportunity to develop your professional relationship.

Endpoint Management

Your MSP reports detail endpoint security, patch management and generate threat reports. These details can be showcased in your QBR to highlight the effectiveness of your MSP.

Customers depend on your MSP to deploy these endpoint tools on their network. The better your MSP handles the client’s business, the more unnoticed it goes. To make your clients understand the efficiency of your endpoint management; explain the whole process that goes behind endpoint management. Showcase the value of your system to earn some brownie points.

Cyberthreat Defense

Apart from endpoint security, you must come to the meeting with data that showcases how well equipped your system is to handle cyber threats. Do not just show up with data related to attacks mitigated, but industry-wide data about the current landscape of threats. 

Furthermore, provide an assessment of the client’s current security framework, then add your own recommendations for improvements. Other recommendations can include an overview of obsolete systems and hardware. You can add an evaluation of potential weaknesses in the system such as out-of-date antiviruses, unsecured devices, and network access points.


QBRs are essential to give your customers an overview of the value that you have brought to their company. A well-thought-out review will increase customer loyalty, and strengthen your relationship with them. 

If done right, QBRs will allow you to evolve as an MSP, correct your shortcomings, and give you room for growth. Focus not only on showcasing your value but upselling to your customers in a natural way. If there are any grievances, make sure you attend to them, so that you do not lose the clients that you have worked so hard to gain.

While QBRs focus on past performance, it cannot be emphasized enough that you should be using them to discuss future strategies with your clients. Leverage this opportunity to make it a win-win situation for both you and your clients—not a meeting everyone is itching to leave. 

All told, MSPs should always be looking to hunt down new business, drive growth, and cultivate ongoing client relationships; and QBRs are one way to do so. 

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